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FIVEMICS EMPIRE is a digital media content production company that provides interesting content and integrated marketing solutions that speaks to Entertainment and Marketing communication. We are definitely your courier for endless creative media services and content. Our specialties cover areas of Concept development, Radio Commercials, Radio Jingle, Graphic Design, 3d visualization, Tv Commercials,Video Editing, post production services, Motion graphics, Architectural visualization, Virtual reality, Corporate giftings and much more.

With a strong philosophy for uniqueness, FIVE MICS EMPIRE delivers top notch solutions for a vast scope of fields . We are committed to timely execution of ideas with speed and creative fidelity.

Our works

Adron Homes Radio Mixdown
AXA MANSARD Switching jobs radio Mixdown
Bigi Chapman Rev 21th July Mixdown
Bonus Hausa Jingle 30secs Mixdown
Castrol Magnatec Oil Pidgin Radio Mixdown
FCMB 329# jingle Mixdown
Halogen Reveal
Goldern Morn Puffs
Maggi Consumer Promo
Pay Attitude Song
Renmoney radio 45 secs
Startime 2 For 2 Promo
Sure paddy Igbo
Nestle Abaji Documentary
Apc Valentine Ad
FCMB EPL 2018.mp4

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